The TCAE sealed-for-life couplings offer deflection angles of up to 10 degrees and handle high vibration which damage motors and driven shafts.

Take laser alignment costs and the time involved completely out of the situation.

They require only ‘wash-down’ maintenance; also, when a breakdown happens, at either the driving or driven end, these couplings allow for shaft separation and re-assembly in minutes, keeping the overall cost of the downtime to a minimum.

Selection within the TCAE range of products (R Series, S Series, E Series, ST Series and ET Series), is torque based for each application; with the TCAE coupling size required consistent across the entire range. Which series to use is dependent on application DBSE ( Distance Between Shaft Ends) for each application. The TCAE range offers flexibility to cater for all situations from small DBSE requirements, to customised long driveline requirements tailored to specifications.


  • Allows the design of the driveline around the requirements of the application, accommodating up to 10 degrees of misalignment
  • Requires NO laser alignment but more importantly – absorbs vibration protecting both motor and driven shaft.
  • Reduces power cost.
  • Reduces operating costs – Long running life
  • Maintenance Free – Sealed for life
  • Reduces downtime breakdowns, operating temperatures and power losses
  • Relieves the misalignment problems and premature wear caused by thermal expansion, vibration and soft footing
  • Minimises the damaging forces that impact on bearings, seals and bodies through side load, overhung and axial load


  • Articulates up to 10 degrees angular misalignment, in combination with parallel misalignment.
  • Extends and compresses to accommodate movement between connected devices.

Industry, Civil Engineering, Mining, Defence.

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