We Are Fully Committed

to maintaining quality control processes and accreditations as required for our product range in all markets.

Quality Assurance

The Thompson Couplings Ltd commitment to quality is built upon compliance with internationally recognised Quality Management Systems.

  • We are certified to international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • Our range of couplings specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of API 610(ISO 13709) and ISO 14691.
  • ATEX certification compliance for zones 1 and 2, where applicable.
  • ABS certified on all series..

ISO number
ISO Registration Number 1037 Southpac

Quality Testing
Since the first Thompson Coupling was originally designed our engineers have continued with in house testing as part of our product development.

We are also committed to helping our end customers with their specific application to design and supply the right coupling.

Below you will see the range of in house testing we have conducted to prove the efficiency and constant velocity features of our TCVJ products:

  • Engine dynamometer life testing: This purpose built unit has been used to life test the TCVJ coupling under torque load using a 200kW diesel engine.
  • Ultimate torsional stress tester: This hydraulic device enabled engineers to conduct destructive testing to determine the ultimate strength of the coupling.
  • Axial load carrying capacity: This demonstration “helicopter” test device simulated the continual running of the TCVJ when subjected to an axial load of 1 tonne whilst articulated at a 10 degree shaft angle. Typical of a helicopter rotor head under full load and full tilt forward.
  • Electric motor testing of TCVJ at angle: This small but powerful test rig enabled our engineers to demonstrate and validate the constant velocity nature of the TCVJ coupling through its full shaft angle range.
Guarantee and Warranty
Our commitment to the product quality, we offer extended REPLACEMENT warranty of UP TO 3yrs for our TCAE and TCVJ products, depending on the use. Warranty commences from the date of purchase.

Furthermore our highly trained staff can offer our customers expert engineering advice and consultation on specific driveline related issues in most types of industries.

European Approval

Independent University Testing
The Thompson Couplings joint had efficiency values higher than 99.89% for all regarded operating points. A differentiation of the efficiency between these operating points was not possible, caused by the maximum error tolerance of the measuring method and the analyse method of the thermal power loss, which is based on the analyses of the joint and environment temperature.

In comparison to the standard ball joint the efficiency of the Thompson Couplings joint was approximately independent from torque, speed and bending angle and reached much higher values. Hence the Thompson Couplings joint has the potential to increase the efficiency of drive lines, for example in automotive applications. Nevertheless the higher mass and space requirements of the joint, in comparison to standard fixed ball joints, pose a new challenge in automotive applications.


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