Constant Velocity Joints and Couplings

Used Globally in Demanding Industrial Applications

Constant Velocity Joints and Couplings

Used Globally in Demanding Industrial Applications

Constant Velocity Joints and Couplings

Used Globally in Demanding Industrial Applications

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New Installations
One of Indonesia’s largest paper mills, Pindo Deli, have recently installed and undergone extended run testing of our large TCAE-9-CM driveshafts in their 450kW slurry pump applications. This 2.3 mtr long shaft has been running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and replaced a traditional universal jointed driveshaft that continually failed due to vibration. Pindo Deli have already observed reductions in the driveline vibrations due to the smooth constant velocity nature of our TCAE product.
Thompson Couplings Ltd maintain the highest quality standards in its business from project management with our highly trained sales team to engineering design assistance with our customers through to quality manufacturing and distribution from our Queensland operation.
Our approved ISO 9001 quality management system reflects our promise to deliver to you the best quality product and support for your specific driveline application.

With the applications of couplings to special oil and gas installations Thompson Couplings Ltd can now offer ATEX approved (Atmospheric Explosive) couplings that couple motors and pumps or other equipment unique to explosive risk industries.
Our trained staff can also assist with the installation of couplings for compliance with the American Petroleum Institute API-671 and internationally ISO 10441:2007. The range of TCAE Alignment Eliminator couplings fulfil the requirements of the standard for flexible couplings for mechanical power transmission; unique to the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries; based on our product design materials of construction, manufacturing quality and inspection and testing procedures.

Cost of Ownership
Decades of industry research have proved that shaft misalignment for rotating mechanical power transmission contributes to losses in terms of energy and increased wear of connected components (seals, bearings etc).

These losses ,when added together, appear in reporting as Down-Time, the most damaging contributor to profitability.

New Installations

One of the worlds largest steel mills have chosen our TCAE-R-7 to operate on their rolling table.

We have supplied 4 of the TCAE-R-7 couplings. It is operating on 85kW motor at 579RPM with Machine Service Factor 2 for heavy duty.

This will last over 3 years in operation without any maintenance or laser aligning and is truly a drop in solution.