All you need to know about Jaw Couplings is right here. Please give this a read!

The current topic of discussion in this essay is Jaw Couplings. The first thing you need to know is what precisely a coupling is? This will help you look further into the topic mentioned above. So what is a coupling? A coupling, in simple terms, is a device that is used to transmit power connecting two shafts. Multiple types of couplings are designed for a specific purpose. The easiest and the most convenient way to know more is to check out the official website of Thompson Couplings. Please check it out!

The Jaw Couplings is an all-purpose power transmission device used in the industrial sector. This coupling is a device that can function in a range of temperatures, can handle angular misalignment. A simple jaw coupling is generally composed of three parts:

Two hubs generally bored to a clearance fit tolerance and along with that an elastomeric insert. Do you know these inserts are sometimes called spiders?

What is the working principle of Jaw Couplings? 

After a rough introduction to the concept of this particular type of coupling, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the way Jaw Couplings work.

The elastomeric couplings are grouped following how the elastomeric elements transfer torque between driving and driven hubs that function in separate planes, with the driving hub pulling the driven hub, which is suspended between them.

Why are Jaw Couplings so relevant in today’s market? Check this out! 

It has to be noted that these couplings are highly preferred due to their acute strength and durability. The couplings can endure extremely high temperatures. Along with that, these couplings can also handle misalignment.

These couplings are easy to install. Jaw Couplings are found quite easily as compared to other types of couplings.

One advantage of using this type of coupling is that this product will keep functioning even after losing the flexible element. This work is carried out upon the loss of the flexible element, generally with enough noise to make the operators alert when the coupling fails. This, in turn, allows for a timely and orderly system shutdown.

Couplings are sometimes applied as mechanical fuses in power trains. This is done to protect costly driving and driven equipment.

An added advantage of Jaw Couplings is that it electrically isolates the motor from the driven equipment.

The type mentioned above of coupling is maintenance-free too. The couplings do not require any lubrication. As opposed to grid, gear and chain couplings, these couplings keep working fine as long as jaws remain in place.

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What are the features of the Jaw Couplings? 

Different couplings have different characteristics. Jaw couplings are no different. These couplings have their features. Please check them out in brief.

  1. Diameter- The diameter of the coupling bore that joins the connecting shaft. Depending on the model, the bore sizes may be the same or different on each side of the coupling.
  2. Length- The total length of the coupling as measured from the two end faces of the coupling.
  3. Hub material- The hub of the Jaw Couplings is constructed using the desired material.

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