What are HRC Couplings and their main features?

It would be interesting to note that HRC Couplings is a trademark coupling of Fenner Group. With its wider popularity, it has come to be known as a type of coupling itself. Today this coupling is used as a generic term and people use it quite colloquially.

Now, let us see what the details of HRC coupling are:

It consists of two cast-iron halves. This is attached to shafts with the help of either hub mount or face mount taper bushes. These two halves are separated with a rubber spider this is called HRC Coupling Spider and this rubber spider is used to absorb shocks.

Misalignment is an important factor to be discussed when we talk about any kind of coupling. HRC Couplings allows for minimal misalignment.

Benefits of HRC Coupling

  • The biggest advantage that it offers is a high load-carrying capacity. Also, it can dampen moderate shock loads and vibrations.
  • As mentioned above, it can deal with minor misalignment. Another benefit HRC coupling offers is that it is maintenance-free.

With its unique inter-locking design, installing this coupling is quite easy and hassle-free. This is not quite the case with Gear Couplings. Hence, its benefits and features can be summed up in the following point:

  • Ability to deal with high speed
  • Cost benefits are good, it is a cost-effective solution
  • Has the capacity to carry on a high load
  • HRC Couplings accommodate shock loads
  • Accommodate vibration levels
  • Also, accommodates minor misalignment
  • Interlocking design enables easy installation
  • It is virtually maintenance-free.

Uses of HRC Couplings

  • The very first use of this kind of coupling or any coupling for that matter is power transmission.
  • It is also valuable when it comes to firm tightening that is required during the vibrations.
  • The cost at which HRC Coupling can be acquired is quite low. However, the benefits and uses of it are better than all other types of couplings that are available in the market.

HRC Couplings and more information related to it can be obtained from Thompson Couplings. The market is filled with competitors. Choose wisely and choose best!