Grid Couplings and all its relevant information

So, what are Grid couplings?  There are so many types of couplings, it is vital that we get to know about all kinds of couplings. This will enable us to use the right couplings in the right place. One may not be wrong to say that grid coupling are similar to disc and gear couplings. This type of couplings is mainly used in high torque applications. When it comes to its most perfect application then sun stacking is what comes to mind. Structurally, grid coupling has two shaft centres. After that torque is transmitted through these two shaft centres point. This is done through the grid component.

A grid coupling will have two hubs. These are:

  • Grid spring element
  • Split cover kit

With good installation, support, operation and regular oiling, one can depend on grid couplings. It provides dependable services. If you are looking for long term hassle-free working of machines then this is the right choice to go for.

Uniqueness of this type of coupling lies in the fact that it is valuable in both high torque levels and dampening requirements. Another major advantage that is offered by this coupling is the reduction of vibrations by 30%. It also helps in reducing shock loads thereby safeguarding driven and driving power transmission.

Further talking about grid couplings, it is to be noted that the grid spring element is known to absorb impact energy and this is done by spreading it over time. Therefore, it also helps in the reduction of peak loads. Now, this is possible due to the progressive contact that happens between the curved profile of the hub teeth and the flexible grid. As the load keeps on increasing more teeth shall come in contact with the flexible grid spring element. This is not possible in Chain Couplings.

When we talk about Grid coupling types, let us tell you that there are many companies that have their patent products. Choose the one that has a good reputation in the market.